Ageing & Intervention in Wikipedia: A Virtual Summit

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On February 8th, Maude Gauthier and Shannon Hebblethwaite will host a virtual summit that aims to widen the scope of the discourses circulating in Wikipedia. On February 26th, Maude Gauthier will host a second virtual summit. These summits will equip ACT researchers with the strategies and tools needed for effectively editing Wikipedia pages. A key objective of the virtual summits is to encourage researchers, especially those who are not English or French speakers, to explore the state of Wikipedia in their own language with the long-term hope of fostering an international discussion on ageing and Wikipedia.
Each summit will take the form of a 4-hour workshop, monitored by our team in Montreal. ACT affiliated researchers from Graz, the University and Toronto, and Brunel University will participate in these virtual workshops.

If you’d like to learn more, contact Maude Gauthier (

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