Since January 2016, we have been archiving all articles published by the major media outlets that have been addressing later life or that were related to seniors, the aging process, or  that could be read through an aging perspective. A wide array of articles has been collected, dealing with diverse topics like elder care, political programs or policies, economic and social considerations, intergenerationality and uses of new technologies. Priority was given to the major Quebec media institutions in order to highlight the contemporary discourses that contribute to produce elders and aging herein Quebec. We have included within our scope a few media institutions from elsewhere in Canada such as The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star and the CBC to  maintain an understanding what is being said in English Canada and even to use this as a starting point for comparison.

Media outlets monitored:

– Le Devoir (both printed and Web)
– Le Journal de Montréal (both printed and Web)
– Montreal Gazette (both printed and Web)
– Métro Montréal (both printed and Web)
– 24 Heures Montréal (both printed and Web)
– Radio-Canada (Web only)
– La Presse and La Presse + (Web only)
– TVA Nouvelles (Web only)

Line Grenier, Université de Montréal
Kim Sawchuk, Concordia University
Constance Lafontaine, Concordia University
Myriam Durocher, Université de Montréal
Nora Lamontagne, Concordia University


Research Areas:
Critical Mediations

ACT Partners
Université de Montréal
Concordia University

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