This project investigates the generational use of social media and the interaction between age-related stereotypes and the practices of use surrounding digital platforms. Of particular interest are stereotypes and discriminatory attitudes towards older people. The departing point will be the reflection around digital platform usage practices, and the social norms that dictate the “appropriate ways” of using them.

This project integrates two perspectives: 1) the reflection on age-related stereotypes that become evident when old and young people talk about the practices and normativities around digital platforms; and 2) the interest in media ideologies and idioms of practice (Gershon 2010), and concepts that help understand how users perceive affordances and constraints (Norman 2013) of digital platforms.

Stereotypes have long been at the center of the reflection of the social sciences. Researchers know they can influence normative behavior and create rules and roles (Stangor & Schaller 2000) that shape digital adoption processes (Buccoliero & Bellio 2014). Ageism (“stereotypes, prejudices and / or discrimination” based on age of the individual or the discriminated groups, Iversen et al. 1999) is no exception. When negotiating media ideologies and idioms of practices, and commenting on them, people give voice to several stereotypes, with regard to “other people”, who are described as not being able to use the platforms “in an appropriate way.” Age-related stereotypes appear to be particularly powerful in this domain (see Comunello, Fernández-Ardèvol, Mulargia, & Belotti 2017).

Data collection: This study will engage with different age groups (young, adult, and older individuals) through focus groups. Reasoned choice will guide the selection of participants and fieldwork will end when saturation is reached. A minimum of four focus groups will be conducted in Rome and Barcelona.


Mireia Fernández-Ardèvol, 

IN3 – UOC (Open University of Catalonia)


Francesca Comunello, LUMSA University, Rome
Simone Mulargia, Sapienza University of Rome
Andrea Rosales, IN3-UOC, Open University of Catalonia


Research Areas:

Critical Mediations

Telecommunication Technologies

ACT Partners
Concordia University

IN3 – UOC (Open University of Catalonia)

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