Call for contributors

ACT members Barbara Crow and Lisa Carver are co-editing a book titled Hacking Your Age: Technology and Ageing or Ageing Technology. They currently have 10 contributors are are open to including a few more chapters (6,500-10,000 words). If you’re interested in contributing, be aware that the deadline for submissions is fast approaching! Drafts need to be emailed to Lisa at for review by the end of October, as they intend to submit their manuscript to McGill-Queen’s by December 2019!


Please see below a description of the work, as provided by the co-editors:


“This edited collection critically examines the relentless march towards a technological future from multiple perspectives. Authors who have committed to this project are from the disciplines of sociology, philosophy, communications, surveillance, medicine and religion. Their diverse backgrounds bring intersectional perspectives to the journey of aging in this technological age. We ask: what is/will be the impacts of technology be on older adult bodies, their well-being, their safety and their experience of meaning and purpose? We also explore the risks to older adults from novel and intended surveillance technology, body modification and the internet of things (IoT). And, we ask what are the intersectional, social justice and equity issues? The themes included in the book represent major issues of our aging journey: the body and its modification; communication, privacy, and surveillance; gerontechnology and aging in place; and technology and information gathering.”