Never Too Old To Play

Are you interested in game design that focuses on making games for people of all ages?

If so, you are invited to attend a two-day workshop with video game designer and gerontoludics researcher Dr. Bob De Schutter. Using collaborative design strategies, participants will have the chance to conceptualize and create prototypes for video games that hold appeal for all ages. These design strategies will be informed by Dr. De Schutter’s research and design practice, which challenges the notion that younger generations are the only people interested in video game play.

The two-day workshop will begin with a discussion of Dr. De Schutter’s empirical and theoretical work on games and ageing. Dr. De Schutter will also highlight some of the challenges of gerontulidic game design and make design recommendations. Attendees will spend the remainder of the workshop conceptualizing and applying the creative techniques of game design.

This workshop is free and all ages are welcome.

No prior game design experience or academic knowledge is required.

Please register before February 8th by sending an email to

de schutter

Dr. Bob De Schutter has worked on games to facilitate inter-generational knowledge transfer, rehabilitate psycho-motor skills, train entrepreneurial skills, sensitize university students on urban mobility for the disabled, teach the psychology of game design, etc. He is the C. Michael Armstrong Professor of Applied Game Design at the College of Education, Health & Society and the Armstrong Institute for Interactive Media Studies, and a Research Fellow of the Scripps Gerontology Center of Miami University (Oxford, OH).  He has served industry as an independent consultant, graphic designer, developer and entrepreneur, is a lifetime member of the International Game Developers Association, and has founded and chaired the Gerontoludic Society as well as the Flemish chapter of the Digital Games Research Association.

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