Marie-Ève Vautrin-Nadea

Marie-Eve Vautrin-Nadeau is a PhD candidate in Communication Studies at Université de Montréal, supervised by Dr. Line Grenier. Her current research interests are at the intersection of health communication, cultural studies, caring discourses and practices (involving humans and nonhumans), art-based and creative approaches to care, and ageing. As a ‘mental health’ advocate and feminist, she is also interested in the fashioning and fight of stigma and loneliness in cultures valuing the autonomous subject ideal. Marie-Eve is also passionate about poetry, visual arts, music, and holistic medicines (herbalism, yoga, art-therapy, etc.).

Marie-Eve is a member of the Culture populaire, Connaissance et Critique (CPCC) lab, at Université de Montréal. In 2016, she was granted a scholarship to take part in the Graz International Summer School GUSSEG. She had the privilege of attending the “Aging, Communication, Technologies” module, which was hosted by professors and ACT members Line Grenier, Kim Sawchuk and Stephen Katz.