ACT is accepting travel funding applications for the ENAS-NANAS conference in Graz

ACT is accepting funding applications from ACT-affiliated researchers (namely co-applicants, collaborators and affiliated students) for the 2017 ENAS-NANAS meeting to be held at the University of Graz from April 27 to 30 2017. A limited number of partial funding travel grants, corresponding to the costs of air travel, will be made available. In such cases when solely train travel is preferred over a flight, train travel can be reimbursed. Those interested in applying for funding can do so by sending an email by February 5, 2017 to “application (at) actproject (dot) ca”. Those who apply should be able and willing to book their flight through ACT by February 24, 2017.

In this application email, please include.

  1. Your name and affiliation
  2. Provide the title of the presentation and the abstract that was submitted and accepted to the 2017 ENAS-NANAS conference
  3. If you are presenting as part of an organized panel, please send the title of the panel and the names of the other panel members.
  4. If you have been previously funded for travel by ACT, include the date (month and year) of the last time you were funded (excluding ACT annual meetings).
  5. Provide all the information we need to book your flight (your departure and arrival dates, cities of arrival and departure, your full name as stated on your passport, your date of birth, and your phone number). You will be consulted before the booking takes place and will get a chance to review the flight.
  6. If you are a ACT-affiliated student or postdoctoral fellow, please include a letter from the sponsoring ACT member (collaborator or co-applicant) or, alternatively, the sponsoring ACT member can send an email to the appropriate email address by the deadline. This letter or email should simply and clearly state that the senior researcher supports the student or postdoctoral fellow’s request for funding.
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