ACT connects to new COST-Action project on Ageism

The COST-Action project on ageism, funded by the EU and led by Liat Ayalon, held its first meeting on April 27 and 28 in Dublin, Ireland. ACT members Mireia Fernández-Ardèvol, Eugène Loos, Loredana Ivan and Maria Soubati are part of the COST-Action and Eugène Loos leads, with his colleague Monika Wilinska, the subgroup on Ageism and Media. Kim Sawchuk, Shannon Hebblethwaite and Constance Lafontaine also attended the meeting, and it was decided that the COST-Action project on Ageism and ACT, two newly-funded and significant research projects on ageing, would connect and collaborate in the future.

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  1. Oguzhan
    Oguzhan says:

    I’m also against the hiuosng policies very strongly and those that run them, Mysel,f I am in a four apartment house , I want a two bedroom cottage type house which I can look after just as I do this one. I am71 years old but fit and healthy enough. Yet they want to stick me in a one bed flat. or a high rise , being Claustrophic its not an option,and I am 6 miles away from my family in Falkirk. the council are in favour of Foreigners and drifters, I have been through 3 councillors 2 MSPS I am isolated here in Westquarter everything is for Seekers, foreigners, and young couples Starters ie Teenage mothers.Mary pitcaithly who runs the allocations team in Falkirk is sitting very nicely in front of a computer screen with her coffee and cosy job. she has no interest in looking properly at the results this bidding system is causing people. In fact she is not interested in people on hiuosng benefit. Until I get a two bed cottage type near my family Then I stay in this three bed house. That could be for a family, but Age Discrimination, is stopping me from getting beside my family. I can do my own house work cook and shopping Nor do I need any walking aid. the councils don’t care. but if I do take ill I have no one here to care for me. it has been since 2004 more pensioners need to petition the Government to Scrap this Bidding policies scrapped And Age Discrimination should not infiltrate into basic human rights for anyone.Plus the fact that any hiuosng should be available , with the Human Right of choice for everyone Age Discrimination Abolished.


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