Les TIC pour le vieillissement socialement actif et en bonne santé

On March 20, 2015, several members of ACT presented on the topic of Les TIC pour le vieillissement socialement actif et en bonne santé. The presentation, held at the Musée des civilisations in Québec City, took place as part of the Rencontres science et société de Québec, an event that attempts to create bridges between the university and the general public in creative and informative ways, through a series of roundtable discussions and exhibits. This roundtable was organized by Margarida Romero, an ACT researcher and professor at the Université Laval, as well as Nadia Kichkina also of Université Laval. Other ACT members included ACT postdoctoral researcher Maude Gauthier, as she presented on the work of ACT broadly and on two specific ACT projects: ACT-Wiki and InterACTion. Sadeqa Siddiqui, the current president of Respecting Elders: Communities against Abuse (RECAA), an ACT community partner, presented and screened some videos that depict the work of RECAA. Brietta O’Leary, a research assistant with ACT and a MA student at Concordia University, discussed her involvement with RECAA and the work she does with them on digital technologies.

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