Celebrating Julia Henderson’s Election

ACT celebrates as post-doctoral fellow Julia Henderson has been elected as a member-at-large of the North American Network in Aging Studies (NANAS). Henderson brings an energetic and professional attitude to the position with a focus on bringing awareness of age studies to the theatre and performance disciplines. Involved in NANAS for some time, she earned the Emerging Scholar Conference Paper award at the joint ENAS-NANAS conference held at Trent University in 2019. When asked her thoughts on this position she replied, “I am delighted to join the NANAS Governing Council as Vice Chair and look forward to working with the new Chair Kate de Medeiros and the other council members over the coming year. I am both excited and daunted to take the lead on developing strategies for NANAS to address and expand diversity and inclusion at this critical time.” We look forward to seeing the work she will do in this new position and congratulate her on such a wonderful achievement. Finally for those of you who are members, Henderson says, “I invite NANAS members who would like to join me in these efforts to contact me directly at julia.henderson@ubc.ca”.