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Stereotypes Contested: A Case Study on Older People’s Political Activism, ICT Usage, and Intergenerational Solidarity

By Daniel Blanche With this text I intend to share some reflections regarding the perception of stereotypes of older people, and how these are confronted by older adults who are highly active in political protests, in adopting information and communication technologies (ICT), and in continuous  collaboration with younger generations. These reflections come from a broader […]

A new mobile phone idea worth a peek

“Phoneblocks” is a new mobile phone project that aims at a longer life of the electronic device. The different hardware features of a mobile phone are divided into different blocks, and whenever a block breaks or needs an upgrade it can be easily replaced. This helps avoiding massive waste of electronic devices as it makes […]

Dr. Mireia Fernández-Ardèvol completes a case study series

Co-director of the A C M Network Dr. Mireia Fernández-Ardèvol from the IN3-UOC in Barcelona has recently published two papers about the use (and non-use) patterns of mobile telephony performed by elderly people in two cities: one in Toronto, and another one in Montevideo (Uruguay). These two publications complete a case study series carried out […]