Dr. Mireia Fernández-Ardèvol takes part in a conference in Perú and publishes a new paper

Member of the A C M network, Dr. Mireia Fernández-Ardèvol presented new works last Monday September 2nd in a conference at the IEP (Institute of Peruvian Studies) in Lima, Perú. The title of the paper is “Who throws away their cell phone when they turn 70? Who buys their first one?” (Original title: “¿Quién bota su celular al cumplir los 70? ¿Y quién compra uno por primera vez?”). This talk was part of a 2-session conference series entitled “Connected grandparents and young ones” (“Abuelos y Jóvenes conectad@s”)

For more information (in Spanish), click on the following link.

Dr. Fernández-Ardèvol is in Perú for a 2 week visit at the IEP, hosted by Dr. Roxana Barrantes, director of the institute. The goal of her visit is to continue a series of case studies, this time about low-income seniors living in Lima.

Dr. Fernádez-Ardèvol has also recently published a new paper:

Fernández-Ardèvol, M. (2013):  Deliberate missed calls: A meaningful communication practice for seniors? Mobile Media & Communication September 2013 1: 285-298, doi:10.1177/2050157913493624

To read the abstract, you can follow this link. You can also check the journal’s website here.