Line Grenier is Associate Professor at the Département de communication at Université de Montréal in Montréal, Québec (Canada), and leads the Critical Mediations stream of ACT. Director of the research group Popular Culture, Knowledge and Critique (CPCC), she teaches predominantly in the areas of research methodologies, media theory, memory and media, and popular culture. A popular music studies scholar, her work on the history and politics of “chanson”, local music industries, broadcasting and cultural policies related to French-language vocal music, rites and processes of popularization and valorization in Québec, the Céline Dion phenomenon and the figures of fame and celebrity it embodies, as well as the business and politics of live music, especially on the role of small venues in Montreal, has been published in several journals, including Popular Music, Cultural Studies, Recherches féministes, Ethnomusicology, Recherches sociographiques, and Musicultures.  Her research interests have recently focused on the intersections of ageing and music, and the cultures of ageing that take shape therein. Grenier has taken part in a team ethnography of a music contest for seniors, which examines the entanglements of musicking, ageing, and memory.  She has studied discourses and public policies on “active ageing” in Québec, and the ways in which they inform how ageing is performed at different music events featuring older adults.  Through an ongoing collaboration with a community partner, Grenier contributes to digital music workshops designed to explore, among other issues, how ‘old’ and ‘new’ technologies mediate music practices, and how music is experienced differently, throughout the life course.  After having co-lead a participatory pilot project on ageing, deafhood and technologies, she is currently working with the same colleague on “deaf musics”. This pilot project aims at better understanding how ageing Deaf people access and experience music as a cultural practice today, and how they did so in the past.

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