In November 2017, through the course of an intergenerational creative workshop residents from Manoir Charles Dutaud recorded their stories and experiences of living in Montreal using digital recording devices. This intensive two-week workshop brought together eight participants who contributed a range of stories about immigration, friendship, challenges of acceptance, and feelings of liberation. At the heart of this project was learning about the meaningful process of digital storytelling: where one tells a story with the use of images, video, and music. Communication, developing relationships of trust and sharing who you are deepened the process between all of the participants.

A year in my life

Nassim loves Montreal during the Jazz festival, when there is music everywhere.

Along with Big Red, her dear walker, Brenda can go everywhere in the city, and even boogie!

Nabil remembers the sea bordering his hometown of Alexandria, Egypt, along the lyrics of a song. (FR)

On January 15, 1989, Luis first set foot in Montreal without a winter coat, but with lots of hope. (FR)

For Irma, her Canadian passport represents peace, safety and tranquility after 53 years in Mexico. (FR)

Eduardo performs a version of Dans mon île by Henri Salvador, but adapted to his experience of living in Montreal. (FR)