Church bells ringing. The sound of chalk on a blackboard. Leaves blowing in the wind. These are sounds you will hear in these pieces, accompanied by the compelling stories of 3 seniors of the Du Fort seniors’ residence. They recorded stories about a special year in their life with digital recording devices, through the course of an intergenerational workshop.

This six-week workshop brought together five participants, who contributed a range of stories about immigration, childhood, love, shared songs and laughs. At the heart of this project was learning the meaningful process of digital storytelling, where one tells a story with the use of images, video, and music.

This digital storytelling workshop was made possible by a partnership between Concordia University’s Ageing + Communication + Technologies (ACT) project and the Groupe Harmonie.

A year in my life

Ewa remembers her father, a pear tree and a toothache from her childhood in Poland.

Over a song composed by Johnny Horton, Stan shares a love story spanning over 50 years, his love story.

Never will Mary forget the day the Minister of Education visited her classroom in Cairo, Egypt.