Vera Gallistl studied sociology at the University of Vienna. Currently, she is conducting research as a PhD candidate at the Department of Sociology at the University of Vienna. In her work, Vera focusses on the theoretical and empirical exploration of ageing with digital technologies.

Recent publications include a paper on wellbeing and online leisure in later life: Online Leisure and Wellbeing in Later Life. In: Sayago, Sergio (Ed.). Perspectives of Human-Computer-Interaction research with older people. Springer Human-Computer Interaction Series (together with Galit Nimrod). Additionally, a paper theorizing the material practices of ageing in digital environments: Doing Age in a Digitized World – A Material Praxeology of Ageing with Technology (together with Anna Wanka).

In her PhD project, Vera studies artistic practices in later life, exploring how ageing is being done in diverse artistic fields.

In the context of the ACT project, Vera hast worked with Galit Nimrod on the 1st wave data of the “Older Audiences in the Digital Media Environment” survey, exploring the association between leisure preferences, media usage patterns and wellbeing in later life.