sigal naim


Elders, Social Network Sites, Leisure, Quality of Life, Abuse and Neglect

Sigal Naim is a gerontologist, a doctoral student in the department of communication studies, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Be’er Sheva, Israel. She is also a lecturer at the department of Human services, Yezreel Academic College, Israel. Her areas of research are: elder abuse and neglect, including self-neglect, quality of life in old age, new media and social network sites in old age, and qualitative research methods. She is involved in several research projects on family relations and caregiving, accessibility and use of health services by older Jews and Arabs, Ageism and elders’ portraits in the media.

Recent publications:

Naim, S. & Lowenstein, A. (2015) Means of prevention of elder abuse: A based case study of the Israeli Experience. In: Y. Jagielske, (Ed.) Violence against the elderly. Research-Action-Challenges. New Printing Inc. Toronto

Band-Winterstein, T., Doron, I., & Naim, S., (2013). Comparing professionals’ and older persons’ perspectives on elder self-neglect. In J. F. Gubrium & M. Järvinen (Eds.), Turning troubles into problems: Clientization in human services (pp. 121-136). UK: Routledge

Band-Winterstein, T., Doron, I., & Naim, S., (2012). Elder self-neglect: A geriatric syndrome or a life course story? Journal of Aging Studies, 26, 109-doi:10.1016/j.jaging.2011.10.001

Naim, S. (2012). Early Retirement. In: H. J. Gibson, & J. F. Singelton (Eds.), Leisure and Aging – Theory and Practice (p. 102). Human Kinetiks, Champaign, IL.

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