Sarah Wagner is a Doctoral Candidate in the Information and Knowledge Society program at the Open University of Catalonia and member of the Communication Networks and Social Change research group at the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute.

Since 2011 Sarah has been working with indigenous communities in the fields of governance, cultural change, communication media, and particularly, digital self-determination. Her doctoral research involved collaborative research with Guaraní communities in Argentina and Bolivia on their appropriations of mobile telephony services. This research explored the practice of mobile media decolonization, bringing together analyses of power relations embedded in ICT service structures and community members’ renegotiations of mobile communication. Involving participants across the ages, intergenerational relations emerged as an important theme.

Sarah is planning further research on the intersections of intergenerational relations and digital cultural revitalization projects. She is interested in examining the ways older adults appropriate digital technologies to redefine and visibilize contemporary indigeneity and in tracing the emergence of new digital practices through intergenerational collaborations.

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