Kelly Leonard is a Master Student in the Individualized program at Concordia University, and her thesis focuses on the use of computers and tablets in Therapeutic Recreation practice. More specifically, she is seeking to understand how practitioners can implement meaningful programs using these devices in order to better meet the needs of socially isolated older adults in rural communities.

Kelly Leonard completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Waterloo and attained a double degree in Therapeutic Recreation and Business. She also completed the University’s co-op program and received a minor in Psychology.

Kelly Leonard is a research assistant for Ageing + Communication + Technologies (ACT), has been involved in a wide spectrum of projects including collaborating with non-profit organizations in the Montreal community, and assisting with curating spaces and art installations. Currently, Kelly is co-facilitating digital literacy programs for older adults living in low-income housing in the Montreal community, and is assisting in the preparation of AGE 3.0.