Erin Lamb

Erin Gentry Lamb, PhD, is an Assistant Professor and the Chair of Biomedical Humanities, and Director of Hiram College’s Center for Literature and Medicine.  With a Ph.D. in English from Duke University, her teaching and scholarship are grounded in rhetorical analysis and feminist bioethics approaches, with particular interests in the social and ethical consequences of anti-aging consumer culture and medicine and emerging genetic and other enhancement technologies, as well as the pedagogy of health humanities and age studies at the undergraduate level.  Her scholarly work appears in such publications as The Journal of Medical Humanities, The Health and Humanities Reader, The International Journal of Aging and Society, and Age, Culture, Humanities. A founding member of the North American Network in Aging Studies, she has previously chaired the Executive Council of the MLA’s Age Studies Discussion Group and the NWSA’s Aging and Ageism Caucus, and she serves on the editorial board of the Aging Studies in Europe book series and the Editorial Committee of Age, Culture, Humanities.