Danielle Watson is from Trinidad and Tobago, a twin island Republic in the English Speaking Caribbean. She hold a B.A (hons); Masters of Higher Education (MHEd) Tertiary Teaching and Learning; and a PhD from the University of the West Indies, St Augustine. She has worked closely with the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force, Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, civil society groups and members of vulnerable groups in marginalized communities across the Caribbean.

Danielle recently moved to Fiji where she is a lecturer and the coordinator of the Pacific Policing Programme at the University of the South Pacific. Her research interests are multidisciplinary in scope with a primary focus on police and civilian relations within marginalized communities. She examines police/civilian discourses and policing policy documents. She recently embarked on research examining police and civilian perspectives on crime and criminality; and issues surrounding Community Policing in the Pacific Region with a primary focus on policing vulnerable groups.