Benjamin Lille is Master’s student in educational technology in Université Laval under the supervision of Professor Margarida Romero. He also holds a B.ENS. in history and geography high school teaching. His research focuses on digital games uses for education, educational technologies in formal and informal education, teaching practices in formal education, intergenerational learning, historical thinking development, maker movement in education, digital humanities as well as activity theory research in education. By his research work and his professional work as a technopedagogical advisor in a Quebec City high school, he aims to promote complex and creative uses of technology notably in social sciences. He also gives workshops for teacher professional development on creative programming, robotics and making in school settings. His master’s research project was awarded the “Innovative practices for school success” scholarship by Université Laval faculty of education. He was also awarded two scholarships to attend SXSW-EDU and the World Bank Education Youth Summit by the Quebec government.