As part of the conference “Impacts de l’austérité sur les conditions de vie et de santé des personnes âgées,” held on May 15, 2017 at Concordia University, organizers Équipe VIES and the Centre de recherche et d’expertise en gérontologie sociale (CREGÉS)  approached ACT to produce a short video on austerity. Our video opened the conference and contributed towards including a plurality of seniors’ voices as part of a day of keynote and panel presentations.

 The question “What does austerity mean to you?” led and framed our project as we set out to interview, record, and film what five Montreal seniors, Louise, Yolande-Marie, Nicole, Jeanelle, and Kieran, had to say about the politics of austerity and the ways in which they affect older people.

Constance Lafontaine, Concordia University
Nora T. Lamontagne, Concordia University
Magda Olszlanowski, Concordia University


Research Areas:
Agency in Ageing
Critical Mediations

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