Sébastien Libert is a PhD student from University College London, working on ageing, dementia and current technologies as part of the INDUCT (Interdisciplinary Network for Dementia Using Current Technologies), European research network. He completed a Bachelor at ULB (Belgium), and a Master at KUL (Belgium) and University of Copenhagen (Denmark) in the disciplines of anthropology and sociology.

His PhD explores the way in which comprehensions of successful, and failed ageing are culturally constructed inside western imaginaries of later life, and come to influence 1) our understanding of cognitive decline and dementia, and 2) the use and development of new technologies relating to these conditions.

In his contribution to the ACT project, Sébastien wishes to understand the connections that exist between the cultural and social dimensions of ageing emerging from the representations, practices, and discourses of key actors of the society (scientific disciplines, state institutions, populations, and industries among other) on the one hand, and the current development, promotion and use of technologies in later life on the other hand.

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