Dr. Mireia Fernández-Ardèvol completes a case study series

Co-director of the A C M Network Dr. Mireia Fernández-Ardèvol from the IN3-UOC in Barcelona has recently published two papers about the use (and non-use) patterns of mobile telephony performed by elderly people in two cities: one in Toronto, and another one in Montevideo (Uruguay). These two publications complete a case study series carried out in different contexts in the last two years; Los Angeles and Barcelona are the other cases under examination.

For the Barcelona paper, look for the following reference:

Fernández-Ardèvol, M, Arroyo L.  2012.  Mobile telephony and older people: Exploring use and rejection. Interactions: Studies in Communication & Culture. 3(1):9-24.

For a recent publication by Dr. Fernández-Ardèvol related to this topic, see the following link:

Fernández-Ardèvol, M.  2012.  Missed calls: Barcelona and Los Angeles compared. Technology & Emerging Media Track – Annual Conference of the Canadian Communication Association (Waterloo, May 30 -June 1, 2012). Watterloo, Ontario: Canadian Communication Association.

Kendra Besanger wins SSHRC Storytellers Contest for her story on the A-C-M

Congratulations to Kendra Besanger, a Research Assistant at the Mobile Media Lab, Concordia for her prize-winning three minute story on the work being done by the A-C-M. Kendra submitted a short podcast as a part of this SSHRC competition “Research for a Better Life” and was selected as one of  the twenty-five winners from across Canada. She will be attending Congress in Victoria, June 2-3, 2013 to receive her award and to attend a special session on research organized by SSHRC.

SSHRC is releasing the winning submissions on a weekly basis. Kendra’s submission will be available for listening on April 9, 2013 here.



Dr. Barbara Crow and Dr. Catherine Middleton Part of “Taking Ontario Mobile” Team

Dr. Barbara Crow and Dr. Catherine Middleton were part of a research team for the “Taking Ontario Mobile” Report.  This research report provided a summary of the status of wireless communications in Ontario and prepared recommendations for the Ontario government to consider in terms of how to address and support wireless as part of an economic and social strategy for innovation and change. For more information, click here.