Older Women Live (OWL) is a collaborative, intergenerational podcast project that broughts graduate student and sound producer Michelle Macklem together with elder community activist and radio host Rose Marie Whalley to re-examine decades of radio interviews that have taken Rose Marie around the world. Rose Marie has worked together with her interviewees to build in-depth perspectives of significant topics of social justice, civil rights, gender activism, ageing, and international justice (among a range of others). Each show, which features episodes which focus on a singular theme or topic, aims to bring forth narratives that are under or misrepresented, focusing on the stories of people we do not see in the mainstream news media. This partnership between ACT and OWL created a space for intergenerational media making and storytelling.

For more information on the intergenerational collaboration between Michelle and Rose Marie, click here.

Find the podcast series on Soundcloud, here: https://soundcloud.com/act-project-516398867

This podcast project ran from January 2016 – October 2016 and the podcast is available through iTunes.

Michelle Macklem

Rose Marie Whalley

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OWL (Older Women Live)


Project updates

Bringing Activism to the Airwaves: Older Women Live goes live this month.

What happens when you introduce a 70 (ish) year old community radio host to a 25 (ish) year old sound artist and ask them to organize ten years worth of community radio interviews?