Mireia Fernández-Ardèvol is a senior researcher at the IN3, the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (UOC, Open University of Catalonia) where she serves as Co-director of the Research Group “Communication Networks and Social Change ”.

Her main research interest is the analysis of the socio-economic effects of the (mobile) digital communication in our hyper-connected societies. Her interests are set both in developed and in developing countries. In the area of mobile communication and ageing, projects include “A-C-M: Ageing and Mobile Technologies: research methodologies, systemic biases and access to Communications” (2011-2014, SSHRC ref. 890-2010-0138), “Ageism: A multi-national, interdisciplinary perspective”  (2014-2018,  ref. COST Action IS1402), and “BCONNECT@HOME: Being Connected” at Home – Making use of digital devices in later life” (2018-2021, ref. PCIN-2017-080).  Her publications include articles in high-impact journals (New Media & Society, Media, Culture & Society, or Nordicom Review) and books or book chapters in prestigious publishers (Routledge or MIT press), some of them co-authored with members of the ACT project.