Welcome to the ACT Podcast, a program on ageing, communication, and technologies. From telecommunications sales practices to elder abuse, each episode of this program will take a look at a different issue of importance to older adults, and bring you illuminating interviews and commentary. With each topic, we aim to inspire and engage our audience in starting a conversation on salient subjects that concern the senior community, as we all grow older in the modern environment.

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Episode 1- The impact of Abusive Sales Practices by the telecommunication industry

In this episode, we investigate instances of aggressive and misleading sales practices used by big telecom companies in Canada. If you’ve ever experienced these types of sales practices by telecommunication companies, you are not alone. Regardless of our age, most of us have had at least one frustrating experience with our phone, TV, or internet provider.
While not everyone experiences these frustrations with telecom providers in the same way- these interactions are particularly damaging to older adults. Telecom service providers have particularly preyed upon seniors by using aggressive and abusive sales practices. Since most of our essential daily services are moving online, having access to affordable telecom services should be seen not as a privilege, but as a right.

Episode 2- The Struggles of Elder Abuse for Immigrants

In this episode, we learn about the experiences of what it’s like to age when starting over in a new country. We speak to several older activists living in Montreal, who are also immigrants, and raising their voices around the issue of elder abuse. We’ll hear from members of RECAA (Respecting Elders Communities Against Abuse) and ACCESS (Alliance des communautés culturelles pour l’égalité dans la santé et les services sociaux). Through their work, they are forging inspiring examples of how we can come together as communities, get active in the fight against discrimination, and how to be creative along the way.

Episode 3- Intersection between Ageing and Climate Change

In this episode, we dive into the intersection between climate change and ageing. We ask why older people are especially vulnerable to our changing climate, and we discuss some of the things that might be done to better protect them. This episode was prompted by the massive heat wave experienced in Quebec in the summer of 2018. The heat caused a deadly outcome – dozens of people lost their lives. The number of deaths is estimated to be more than 90 across the province, with over 50 of those from Montreal alone. This and other subjects will be discussed in this episode of the ACT podcast.