I hold a master’s degree in Media Studies from Concordia University (2013) and have been working with ACT since it was initiated in 2013. I contributed to writing the SSHRC Partnership Grant that helped bring ACT to life.

I am the Knowledge Mobilization and Communication Officer for ACT.

Before ACT, I worked with the A-C-M  as a workshop coordinator for the MemorySpace workshops that took place during the summer of 2012. I then acted as a co-curator of the MemorySpace public exhibition in October 2012.

During the summer of 2014, I worked as a research consultant for the Mediated Street Spaces project and I am currently helping coordinate a series of collaborative photography workshops at the Hillside HLM, in Montreal.

Research and creative interests: urban creativity and intervention; creative place-making; inclusive design; digital storytelling; non-digital storytelling; community-engagement; food politics; the politics of public space; photography; writing; podcasts.