Julia Henderson is a Ph.D. Candidate in Theatre Studies at the University of British Columbia. Her doctoral research explores how theatre and performance practices contribute to cultural constructions of aging and old age. Julia investigates select Western plays produced professionally in Canada in recent years to discover ways in which they sometimes reinforce, but also challenge negative, decline-focused narratives of aging, as well as other old age stereotypes and troublesome narrative tropes. Julia’s research highlights and theorizes age as a social identity category, an area underexplored in theatre and performance studies, especially in Canada. By melding theories of performance with age theory, Julia’s work offers novel perspectives to the field of age studies as well as to theatre and performance studies. Julia’s research on dramaturgies of aging also offers insights to theatre practitioners on how dramatic structure, design, staging, performance style, and marketing might influence understandings of age. Julia is engaged in research collaborations including: UBC’s Interdisciplinary Aging Research Cluster, UBC’s Centre for Research on Personhood in Dementia, UBC’s Medical and Health Humanities Working Group, UBC’s Arts in Health Community of Practice, and the Vancouver Foundation-funded project “Raising the Curtain on the Lived Experience of Dementia” (PI Dr. Colleen Reid, Douglas College). A SSHRC and Killam supported scholar, Julia has three times received honourable mention for the Robert G. Lawrence emerging scholar prize at the Canadian Association for Theatre Research national conference. Her work has been published in Theatre Research in CanadaThe Journal of American Drama and TheatreTheatre Journal, Canadian Theatre Review and Age, Culture, Humanities.