Dr. Eugene Loos

Prof. dr. Eugène Loos (born in 1963 in Herwijnen, the Netherlands) is a Professor of Old and New Media in an Ageing Society in the Department of Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam. He is also a Senior Lecturer of Communication, Policy and Management Studies at the Utrecht School of Governance (USG), Utrecht University in the Netherlands. He is a member of the Dutch research schools ASCoR (Amsterdam School of Communication Research) and the Netherlands Institute of Government (NIG). As a linguist, he has conducted research and written several books, book chapters and journal articles in the field of organizational (intercultural) organization and the use of new media.

Currently he investigates the (ir)relevance of age for: (1) senior citizens’ digital information search behavior, (2) the impact of textual and visual signs in health information on their cognition and affection and (3) the use of digital (sport) games for their physical and social wellbeing, to guarantee senior citizens’ inclusion in our society.

He was part of the COST Actions 269 “User aspects of ICT”, COST 298 “Participation in the Broadband Society” (http://www.cost298.org/) and COST Action IS0906 “Transforming Audiences, Transforming Societies” (http://www.cost-transforming-audiences.eu). Since 2014 he is the co-chair of the Media working group of Cost Action IS1402 “Ageism from a multinational, interdisciplinary perspective” (http://www.cost.eu/COST_Actions/isch/Actions/IS1402?management). He was a member of the Evaluation Board of the European research project “Third Age Online (TAO) Community & Collaboration” (2011-2013). He is a reviewer for Ashgate, associated editor of the Observatorio (OBS*) Journal, (http://obs.obercom.pt), a member of the Universal Access in the Information Society journal and the Editorial Board of the Journal of Communication and Media Technologies, and a reviewer for New Media and Society.

He is an international expert on inclusive website design and encouraging online participation in the face of a range of physical and life stage challenges. His extensive contribution to the field of accessible (digital) information delivery for senior citizens include Generational Use of New Media (published by Ashgate August 2012, co-edited by Haddon and Mante-Meijer), New Media Technologies and User Empowerment (Peter Lang 2011, co-edited by Pierson and Mante-Meijer) and The Social Dynamics of Information and Communication Technology (Ashgate 2008, co-edited by Haddon and Mante-Meijer).

He also published several chapters and other refereed (inter)national publications. Over his career  Prof. dr. Eugène Loos has had extensive consultancy experience in multi-channel and user-friendly projects, especially for communities of senior citizens. In 2009 he raised funding (50.000 Euro) to conduct an eye-tracking project for the Dutch senior citizens organization ANBO. Academic contributions are augmented by several Dutch radio interviews.