This is a research-creation project about the crisis of care in Canada, as well as the global tangents affecting many countries. The project consists of a long-form documentary called Care Revolution and a connected 6-part web series called Care Rebels. In a neo-liberal world where we are urged to value profit and individual gain over empathy, care for the young, the elderly, and the vulnerable is at a breaking point. We will dive deep into care’s unspoken history, tangled present, and possible futures.  We will ask: How did we get to this point of crisis?  We will analyze what happens when care is neglected – when it is either too difficult or too expensive to deliver, for both caregivers and those who receive it. In an individualistic, capitalist world, where the bottom line rules – WHO is responsible for care?

Project Lead/ACT Collaborator
Katarina Soukup, Catbird Productions

Project Collaborators
Helene Klodawsky,
Caroline Bâcle,
Sophie Guérin


ACT Partners
Catbird Productions

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