Andrea Tremblay is currently enrolled at Concordia University in the MA in Media Studies. Her areas of special interest, research and investigation are the fields of environmental sustainability education and the influence and power of storytelling as a catalyst for spreading the potential for societal change in this field as well as aging studies. These interests have been fueled by a continuous fascination in the intricacies and subtleties of language in the shaping of individual and collective, local, regional and national identity.

For many years, Andrea has been leading a small business called Language Art Translations that has concerned itself with all manner of English to French translation, from complex monograms to modern marketing content. She believes that language is a foundation for cultural understanding and that cultural shifts and change in norms create new potential for the way to shape education and to create intergenerational interactions.

Andrea holds a BA in French Literature from the University of Montreal and a
Graduate Diploma in Communication studies from Concordia University. An avid
urban runner, she never gets tired of exploring Montreal’s various neighbourhoods.