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A series of panel conversations, featuring over a dozen presenters, brings together researchers from several institutions who are conducting innovative research on the topic of ageing from diverse fields such as communication studies, psychology, education and fine arts. Researchers are put to the challenge of connecting their work to the lived realities of seniors in Montreal, and to communicate their research in ways that are accessible and engaging. Joining these researchers are local artists, activists and members of the community, all of whom are invited to explain how they work to examine, challenge or engage with the topic of later life.

Welcome and Introduction (Bilingual)

Kim Sawchuk Director of ACT
Monique Chartrand, Director of Communautique
Shannon Hebblethwaite, Director of engAGE

9:00 am to 9:30 am
Black Box Theatre

Keynote Addresses

Listening to Older Lesbians: what can marginalised voices teach us about aging? (in English)

Jane Traies, University of Sussex

Black Box Theatre

Title to be announced soon! (in English)

Amanda Grenier, McMaster University

Black Box Theatre

Panel Presentations

How do we make the city a welcoming place for older adults? (Bilingual)

Chair: Line Grenier, Université de Montréal

Exploring Age Friendly Cities as Innovation

Meghan Joy, Political Science, Concordia University

Sensory, Motor, and Cognitive Aging: Contributions to Out of Home Engagement
Karen Li, Professor, Psychology, Concordia University

Black Box Theatre

Health and Aging (Bilingual)

How ageing affects decision making: From cognitive neuroscience to real world behaviour
Ben Eppinger, Assistant Professor, Psychology, Concordia University

Véronique Pépin, Associate Professor, Exercise Science, Concordia University

Nathalie Phillips, Professor, Psychology, Concordia University

EV 11.705

Engaging with the city through art and maker practices (Bilingual)

Chair: Kim Sawchuk, Concordia University

Janis Timm-Bottos, Associate Professor, Creative Art Therapies, Concordia University

Giuliana Cucinelli, Assistant Professor, Education, Concordia University
Ann-Louise Davidson, Associate Professor, Education, Concordia University

How the museum is enhancing belonging for older adults
Darla Fortune, Applied Human Sciences, Concordia University

Black Box Theatre

Communicating across generations (Bilingual)

Linda Dyer, Aging in a multigenerational workplace, Concordia University

Engaging Generations: Urban and Rural Grandmothers’ Reflections on Technology
Shannon Hebblethwaite, Associate Professor, Department of Applied Human Sciences, 
Concordia University

Myriam Durocher, Université de Montréal

EV 11.705

La silver économie explose: comment amener les entreprises québécoises et les start-ups à s’y intéresser davantage? (in French)

Chair: Diane Arseneau

EV 11.705